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How to Take Care of Your Hair Extensions / Guarantee / Warranty


Guarantee / Warranty


DHD supports the warranty, exchange and refund provisions of the consumer protection act.  Performance of the product and service we provide is highly dependant on the use and treatment thereof by the client within the specifications set out below. DHD cannot accept liability for product or service failure due to non-compliance with the operating instructions by the client.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are the hair extensions to be bleached.  This may cause severe damage and even breakage. Please DO NOT use GENTIAN VIOLET on Blonde Extensions.  Please purchase a good salon approved Silver Shampoo for yellow tones.
Re-bonded, re-taped or converted hair extensions not collected within 30 days will be discarded / sold.
 Care of your hair extensions
Tools you will need:
1. A sulfate-free (Sodium Laureth Sulphate / Sodium Chloride) shampoo and conditioner. Sulfate is the chemical that makes your hair lather. This chemical can accelerate the deterioration of the hair extension bond, so use the sulfate-free products recommended from your stylist.
2. A hair extension brush. You can get one from your stylist. 
3. A satin or silk pillowcase. This can keep your hair extensions protected while you sleep.
Caring for your extensions:
1. Do not shampoo for 3 days. De-tangle your hair before entering the shower, and then condition your hair from the mid-lengths to the ends. To prevent breakdown of the bonds, do not apply the conditioner to your roots or bonds at any time.  Be careful of silver shampoo and conditioner applied onto the bonded tape area, it might discolour the tape itself.
2. Always dry the bonds thoroughly after shampooing to prevent bond breakdown.
3. Do not use high heat while blow-drying to prevent overheating the bonds.
4. Never go to bed with your hair wet. Doing so can cause your hair to become tangled or matted.
5. It is recommended that you pull your hair extensions back into a loose braid or soft scrunchie to prevent tangles.
6. Run your fingers through hair extensions daily to keep them tangle-free.
7. Brush your hair with an extension brush 2 to 3 times a day from the nape of your neck up.
8. Consult us or your stylist before doing any colour, perm, or any other chemical service. Keep in mind that we cannot accept responsibility for incorrect procedures performed by your stylist so we advise you contact us for advice first.
9. Take care to avoid the bonds when using a flatiron, curling iron, or other heat appliance. Overheating of the bonds will cause breakdown.
10. Before swimming in a chlorinated pool or seawater, use a leave-in conditioner. After swimming, rinse your hair and then shampoo and condition it. Pool chemicals and saltwater can break the bonds and cause excessive tangling if this care is not taken.
11. Use a leave-in conditioner, as needed, to de-tangle. TIP: Spray your wide tooth comb with a de-tangler.
12. Do not remove hair extensions yourself or allow anyone other than a certified hair extensionist professional to remove them, as good results cannot be guaranteed. Doing so may severely break or damage your natural hair.
13. It is normal to lose a few hair extensions. However, if you are losing 10 or more bonds a day, call your stylist to set up an appointment.
14. Please ensure that an Argan or Moroccan Oil is used on the ends to prevent drying out.  Do not put any oils close to the bonds and they will deteriorate the grip the bonds have on your natural hair dramatically.
15. Hair extensions will last from 3 to 5 months, depending upon the care they receive. It is recommended that they are kept in no longer than 4 months, as damage or breakage to your own hair could occur.