DHD Hair Extensions

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We supply  a wide range of affordable quality Remy hair extensions and accessories.  
All our hair is 100% Remy human hair.  
Choose colours from our easy to use colour wheel. 
We also supply all the accessories, tools and instructions required to fit your extensions in the comfort of your own home.
Our products include Stick Tip, Nail Tip, Clip In's,  Micro Ring / Loop Hair, Nano Tip, Clip in Ponytails, Clip in Fringes, Tape In hair extensions and more.  
Lengths vary from 16" to 26".  Our single drawn strands weigh 0.6g each and our double drawn strands weigh 1.0g each.
What is Remy Hair?
The highest quality extension hair is Vietnamese Remy hair. 
Vietnamese Remy hair is composed of premium young 100% natural human hair.  
Remy has its cuticle in tact.  In other words, all the cuticles are unidirectional (the same direction) and are undisturbed.  Remy hair is strictly reserved for those who demand only the highest quality hair extensions. 
 At DHD, we only stock 100% human Remy hair.  
What is non Remy hair
Non Remy hair has the roots and ends mixed up.  These type of hair extensions have problems in tangling and knotting as the cuticles are not all in the same direction.
Difference between Single Drawn Hair and Double Drawn Hair
Single Drawn 7A Grade Hair
Single drawn hair is cut and gathered as a ponytail from one donor.  Therefore, there are a few natural shorter strands within a bundle of hair.  These strands weight approximately 0.5g per strand.
Many people are misinformed that the shorter hair are split ends, or that is has been cut this way, this is not the case.
Double Drawn 9A Grade Hair
Double Drawn Hair weighs approximately 1.0g per strand.  This type of hair is double processed to draw out as much of the shorter lengths.  Majority of the hair has consistent thickness from top to bottom of the strands. This hair is custom made as per order.