DHD Hair Extensions

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INDIAN TAPE IN WEIGHT PER 20 PIECE - 50g (depending on length customer purchases)

Grade 7A Single Drawn hair is layered and the hair is tapered making it a cheaper hair extension to buy.  Indian Hair has a silicone base over  the hair that can last up to 3 months.  After this time there is a possibility to replace and therefore Vietnamese hair is recommended for long term use.

Tape Hair comes in packs of 20 pieces.  This makes 10 sandwiches. Each piece has a width of 4cm.

Tape hair lasts 6 to 8 weeks depending on re-growth speed.  It can then be re-taped and re-used.

It is also known as the "lunch hour" extensions as it takes less than an hour to fit a full head.  

Tape in Hair must be fitted with a straightener.  Please ensure you are knowledgeable on how to fit them.

Depending on the thickness of your hair.  You will need 40+ pieces of the 50g weight tape in



14" Tape In 20 Piece - R1400

16" Tape In 20 Piece - R1500

18" Tape In 20 Piece - R1600

20" Tape In 20 Piece - R1700

22" Tape In 20 Piece - R1800

24" Tape In 20 Piece - R2300

26" Tape In 20 Piece - R2500

28" Tape in 20 Piece - R2600

30" Tape in 20 Piece - R2800