DHD Hair Extensions

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PLEASE NOTE that many suppliers sell wefts /weaves at a very low cost as the grade is not of premium standard. These wefts do not last as long as one would expect and the quality is poor. Wefts are not recommended for caucasian hair as the weight may cause damage and breakage to your hair. Indian single drawn hair has a life span of 2 to 4 months as the quality is not premium as Vietnamese double drawn.

At DHD Hair we sell single drawn and double drawn wefts.  Please see both prices below.

Weft / Weave Hair Extensions vary in lengths from 16" to 26" (40cm - 65cm) and come in a total width of 1m and a total weight of 100g

Available in all colours


R800-00 per bundle of 14"
R900-00 per bundle of 16"
R1000-00 per bundle of 18"
R1250-00 per bundle of 20"
R1600-00 per bundle of 22"
R2100-00 per bundle of 24"
R2400-00 per bundle of 26"
R2200-00 per bundle of 14"
R2400-00 per bundle of 16"
R2900-00 per bundle of 18"
R3300-00 per bundle of 20"
R3900-00 per bundle of 22"
R4700-00 per bundle of 24"
R5200-00 per bundle of 26"